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About Me

Alexander Yanuar Koentjara

Born: Semarang (Indonesia), 16 Jan
Location: Singapore
Hobby: Painting, game programming, games, RPG, sportbike, anime.
Job: IT Consultant (J2EE)
E-mail: lexzeus at yahoo dot com

(by LexZEUS, 11 Jun 2004)

Spring of love and the fountain of hope,
Its water is sweet with a splendid scent,
Shaded by blue sky, warmth by sunlight,
Gentle breeze of wind perfects it all.

The wonder of nature suits not my heart,
Too majestic for this man to comprehend,
For I am little, inexperienced young man,
Lest I know to appreciate its splendor.

You are my fountain, and I am longing for you,
Perhaps, my happiness is found in your streams,
Your fragrant pleased me, your eyes enticed me,
And your smile, perfects it all.

Tell me now, for I am little, inexperienced man,
Do you love me, will you stay with me?
For I've dreamt about you, you are my fountain,
Perhaps, my happiness is found in you...

My Heart is A Door
(by LexZEUS)

I walk alone in a corridor
With a thought in my mind
With uncertainty in my steps

I come close to a locked door
The door is painted with red
I try to open to make my step
But I have no courage to do so
For my mind say "No!"

I walked backward ten steps
I see another door
The door is painted with blue
The door is unlocked
But I don't have courage to knock
Even though my heart say "Please.."

Red door is my mind
Blue door is my heart
It is wise to let her go
But I don't have courage to do so

Red door is my mind
Blue door is my heart
It's my love I want to show
Too bad, she has somebody to go

    For the woman I love most
(by LexZEUS)

I walked over a long bridges,
Narrow in width, full of dangers.
Then I jumped into the river,
Fighting the stream like a fish.
At the grassy field I would fly,
In deep jungle I would survive.

I spent the night at wilderness,
Closing my eyes near to den of tigers.
Before sunrise I had my supper,
Having reserved bread to finish.
With worn suit I carried on to try,
Shorten the time of my strife.

Thirsty, I crossed the rocky hills,
Where there was no trees nor animals.
But on the top of mountain I saw,
The most beautiful rose ever seen.
To the mountain peak I will climb,
To the mountain cliff I will crawl.

Just to take the rose, and brought it home.
As a present for my loving one.
For the most beautiful flower,
I find it worthy to carry on.
For the woman I love most,
I give her more than promises.

My favorite Japanese Anime:

  1. Fushigi Yuugi: the best all-around anime in my live. It has all: action, romance, excelent graphic, and nice story. Two best friends, Miaka and Yui, which are trapped in the world of ancient china historical book. Because of misunderstanding, Yui hates and despises Miaka. Both Miaka and Yui are believed to be princess which restore the peace in the world of the ancient book. Both Miaka and Yui are protected by seven warriors as their aides.

  2. Ranma 1/2: a full of action, very funny anime. A story about young man Ranma, a desciples of martial arts, which turns into girl when get into cold water, and returns to boy when get into hot water. And Akane, the daughter of Tendo family who owns Tendo Dojo. I recommend this anime if you like something funny, hilarious! There are other famous characters which make the story more interesting: Shampoo, Ukyo, Kodachi, etc. However, since this anime is quite old, the graphics is soso.

  3. Kimagure Orange Road: Similar to ranma, but more romantic, this anime tells love triangle story between indecisive boy Kyosuke, a cold mature girl Ayukawa Madoka, and a cute girl named Hikaru. This is the only anime which produced the most great songs in my opinion.

  4. Tenchi Muyo: this is another action anime, but I like it because it might be the funniest ever anime in my life; especially the quarrel between Ryoko and Ayeka to get Tenchi attention. Tenchi is a high school student which accidentaly wakes up a thousands-years old space pirate mummy named Ryoko. Ayeka is a princess of Jurai, who hunting for Ryoko for the trace of her beloved fiancee Yosho. In her encaunter with Ryoko, Ayeka's spaceship was destroyed and she has no option but to stay on earth with Tenchi's family.
I own about 12 anime titles I bought mostly from Yahoo auction or from ebay. Some titles are recommeded other than I mentioned above, eg: Maison Ikkoku, Evengalion, Sakura Wars, Irresponsible Captain Taylor, etc.

My favorite movies:

  1. The Lord Of The Rings I, II, III
  2. Alien I, II, III
  3. Independence Day

My favorite games:

  1. Final Fantasy VII, X
  2. Grandia II
  3. Xenogears
  4. Legend of Dragoon
  5. Castlevania "Symphony Of The Night"
  6. Mech Warrior, Mech Commander, BattleTech
  7. Dune Emperor

My favorite game/anime characters:

  1. Tamahome and Miaka (in Fushigi Yuugi)
  2. Ranma and Akane (in Ranma 1/2)
  3. Cloud in Final Fantasy 7
  4. Allucard in Castlevania "Symphony Of The Night"

My favorite programming languages:

  1. Java
  2. Borland Delphi
  3. PHP

My favorite animal/soft toys:

  1. "Me To You" Bears
  2. Dog: alaskan malamute, husky

My favorite sport bike:

  1. Yamaha YZF R6/R1 (BEST Model)
  2. Ducati 996SPS, Ducati 748
  3. Ducati Monster S4 Black (FIERCE!)


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