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False Prophet FAQ



1. What is False Prophet?

False Prophet is the title I gave to my first novel, it is an anime-style novel, with RPG / romance / fighting / fantasy genre. It is not completed yet, still in progress. And, I apologize for many misspelling and confusing words, I am not an english speaker myself, I know only about 2000-3000 english words.



2. Why did you name it False Prophet?

I can't tell you at this point. It is related to the overall story. Please read it if you are interested.



3. Is False Prophet related to Christianity? I heard about "False Prophet" somewhere in the Christian Bible.

Not at all. In fact, I am a Christian myself (False Prophet is mentioned in the Book of Revelation).

This story doesn't have any relation with any religion, including Christianity. I write it just for fun. There is no politic, no religion, no racist involved.



4. What is this False Prophet novel about? I mean the story.

I copy+paste this from the novel itself. Hope you don't mind:

The story is about how Reien and his friends which were stuck on Secondary Earth (Reikas world) after Reien used the sacred brush to draw a painting.


Maybe you had heard similar story about someone or group of people being teleported to different world, for example: Fushigi Yuugi, Vision of Escaflowne, Inu Yasha, etc.

But, trust me, although it may sound similar, but the overall story and character developments are totally different.



5. The character names you used in your novel are beautiful, Reien, Reika, Titus, Levi, how do you get that?

Yes, a lot of people said that already. Some of the names I invent myself, some just a recycled, you can get it anywhere. Levi can be the name of famous jean brand. Sorry guys and gals if youre happened to have those name.



6. Can I write other novel based on your story.

You can't. You must not produce anything based on my story, including the character names (the complete name), images, illustration, with exception of the titles (False Prophet). You however can use a single character name, for example Reien in your own novel, but not complete name like Reien Mikael or Reika Tenichi. But, you can name your pet, your son, even yourself Reien Mikael, and that is completely legal.

Apart from above, if you want to create any materials based on this novel and you think it is profitable (commercial products), then please do inform me. Maybe I will consider :D .. (hint* .. hint*)



7. But you yourself get the story from similar anime, let's say, Fushigi Yuugi?

I don't. If you say that, I would say that Vision of Escaflowne was recycled story of Fushigi Yuugi, Fushigi Yuugi was from Inu Yasha, and so on. Basically, they just happened to have same plot, people get teleported to another world, but the story itself are different.

You can create your own story just like what I did. But eventually people will determined whether you're a copycat or an inventor.



8. Can I contact you?

Yes, by e-mail. Please send it to, please include in the subject FalseProphet if you do so. This is to avoid your e-mail being flagged as junk. I got a lot of spammer recently.

I welcome any suggestions, critics, comments and flames.



9. Can you recommends any good manga/anime?

I dont really read mangas, only a couple titles like City Hunter (finished), Ranma (finished), and Dragon Ball (only a few series and then vomited, the fighting was too long). But, I do watch animes, about 15 titles total, and so far, my favorites are (not in particular order): Ranma , Fushigi Yuugi, Tenchi Muyo!, and Kimagure Orange Road.



10. Finally, but maybe not the last. When I can read the full story?

I dont know, I only write if I got the idea and time. Just get back to check my website weekly (or daily if youre very curious :D). You can see the last updated date there. I will update the website every one episode completed or if any revision being made (change of plot, word correction, etc).



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