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False Prophet - The Novel

Somewhere in other dimension, an earth just like ours with different culture and tradition was floating on the dark sparkling universe. The earth is called the secondary earth the world where Reika lived, its sun rises from the north to the south, but somehow, their natives still call the north as north and the south as south. Other than culture, tradition and its sun, everything else are just the same. Their cattle, animals, plants, everything are just the same like ours.

I am Reien, with my friends, we were stuck in the Secondary Earth after I used "the sacred brush" to draw my paintings. The sacred brush, a golden plated brush which I received from my grandfather, was told could enhance ones painting and make it looks alive. But there is truth behind each of its stroke; and time will reveal the hidden world behind dead canvas painted with the sacred brush...

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Last updated: 26'th Dec 2002