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Partec Equipment Distributor Asia Singapore Worldwide, A leading distributor of heavy equipment parts, components and machines for forestry, mining, agriculture, construction and port equipment. Indexator Rotator Equipment Spare Part Hultdins Grapple Equipment Spare Part Eco-Wheel Track Equipment Spare Part Max Machine Equipment Spare Part Meritor Rockwell Equipment Spare Part Bell Equipment Spare Part Ottawa Equipment Spare Part Kenworth Equipment Spare Part Mack Equipment Spare Part
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 Indexator Rotator 
 Hultdins Grapple   Eco-Wheel Track   Max Machine   Meritor (Rockwell) 

->Indexator Rotator


Indexator products are designed for professional use in applications such as forestry, construction, scrap handling, re- cycling and piece goods handling.

GV Rotators are low-built and robust. They have become more or less accepted standard in forests all over the world, and for truck-mounted cargo canes and small scrap grabs.

Rotator GV 12S  :  The rotator for forestry machines, cranes and heavy attachment.
Rotator GV 17S  :  The Ultimate high power rotators for large forest machines and heavy-duty applications.

IR rotators are used in areas such as scrap handling, recycling and forestry, where extremely high demands are placed on the rotator function. The IR rotators have a robust design and can with stand loading in all directions. Our flexible approach permits installation on different kinds of grab buckets and polygrabs.

Rotator IR 10  :  The rotator for demanding material and timber handling.

... and there are still many models, which will suit your needs.

Swing Damper offers a wide range of standard links and swing damper links, with several different bushing alternatives. Suitable for all types of cranes and applications.

Rototilt permits a combined rotating and tilting excavating action, which provides entirely new applications for excavator and backhoe loader work. A Rototilt increases the scope of your excavator and backhoe-loader, bringing increased operating flexibility and greater opportunities for obtaining new kinds of work.

The hydraulic quick coupler simplifies all changes. This means that you can use every machine as an efficient tool carrier for various tools and accessories.

We can supply Rototilt for the majority of excavators and backhoe loaders on the market.

 Indexator Rotator 
 Hultdins Grapple   Eco-Wheel Track   Max Machine   Meritor (Rockwell)