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 Indexator Rotator 
 Hultdins Grapple   Eco-Wheel Track   Max Machine   Meritor (Rockwell) 

->Eco-Wheel Track

Eco-Wheel Track from Olofsfors is suitable for skidder, forwarders, harvesters, three wheel fellers and front-end loaders.

Its advantages are: -
  • Easy to mount
  • Increasing the capacity of the machine
  • Increased flotation
  • Better traction
  • Increasing the stability of the machine

  • Tire protection

  • The ECO-TRACK technique with the link system close to the outside radius of the tire gives an extremely smooth ride. The rolling resistance is reduced by 80% compared to conventional tracks.

    Most forestry companies have come to realize that tracks have numerous environmental benefits by minimizing ground disturbance and meeting long-term views of silvicultural needs.

    All of Olofsfors Tracks is made of carbon manganese steel alloyed with boron. After hardening the track is approximately 500 Brinell.

    The ECO-TRACK is suitable for most ground conditions.

    The Soft Ground Skid Steer Tracks are especially designed to improve traction, better flotation and to protect tire tread and sidewalls in rough operations.

    The Skid Steer Track is suitable for most common Loaders.

     Indexator Rotator 
     Hultdins Grapple   Eco-Wheel Track   Max Machine   Meritor (Rockwell)